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gökova Kitesurf beach

Kitesurf beach

Gokova Bay with its 7 months continuous wind and open space is naturally very suitable for kiteboarding and has become one of the most attractive locations for beginners as well as having made amemorable impression on professional kiteboarders. Right on the east side of Akyaka, Akcapinar Beach can be considered as the best kitesurfing spot in Turkey to learn and improve kiteboarding with its 3 kilometre long unpopulated structure-free, tree free and rock free coast line and its 150 m shallow water.


The sea is shallow for 150 m and the bottom is purely sand. For the first 50 m the water is completely free of waves and calm. Small waves occur after 50 m depending on the wind's power.  

The water temprature is suitable enough to do kiteboarding without wearing a wetsuite. 

There are 7 rivers feeding Gokova Bay so the salt level is quite low on the shore. The rivers also play the role of cleaning the sea.


The wind in Gokova Bay starts in april when the weather temprature gets warmer and continues its rate until nowember. 

There is almost no windless day during 5 months period of year. 

The wind starts as a calm sea-breeze at around 9am and increases up to 18-20 knots with the influx of air temprature. 

There are hardly any gusty winds in Gokova Bay which is another reason why this area is such a splendid place for beginners and those who want to improve their kiteboarding practice.

getting here

Our centre is 45 minutes from Dalamn Airport, 1.15 minutes from Bodrum| Milas Airport, 20 minutes from Marmaris and 3.5 hours from Antalya.   

Please contact us for details of your transportation needs from Dalaman And Bodrum-Milas Airports.



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