Our experienced kitesurf instructors are IKO certified and ready to help you progress quickly and safely regardless of your current kiteboard level.


What you will learn in course 1&2 – kitesurfing for beginners and the course breakdown

Learn kitesurfing Level 1 / Day 1

    • Equipment and safety theory

    • Kite set-up and kite maintenance

    • Know the use of the safety systems

    • Understanding the wind window

    • Basic kite flying skills

    • Hand signals

    • Launch and land the kite

Learn kitesurfing Level 2 / Day 2

    • Advanced Kite flying skills

    • Water re-launch the kite

    • Self rescue and deep water pack down

    • Basic downwind body dragging

    • Advanced upwind body dragging

    • Body dragging with board

Learn kitesurfing Level 2 / Day 3

    • Board-work theory

    • First water start

    • Basic riding in both directions

    • Theory and safety rules


After completing this 9 hours course, you will be eligible to receive IKO Level 2 certificate which is accepted internationally. With this certificate, you will have the chance of renting equipment or kiteboarding with your own equipment anywhere across the world.