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Our goal is to provide the highest quality kiteboarding lessons and kiting experience. We have been teaching 10+ years

Our kitesurfing lessons use the latest training techniques and equipment that help you learn faster and safer than ever before and have a blast doing it. Our 1 on 1 private  lessons are customized  to fit your unique style of learning helping each individual student to acquire the skills to become an independent kiteboarder with the confidence to handle a variety of situations and conditions.

It's all about you

When you arrive at our school, you will find a team that is ready to suit your needs. We are ready to put in all our energy to guarantee that you are having fun during your learning experience and progression.

Our teaching model

Our way of teaching is based on the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) methodology. This step-by-step approach allows instructors to tailor each kitesurfing lesson. As a result, our students become independent kitesurfers more quickly and safely, making kitesurf lessons a great experience.

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