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Rent from us for hassle free kiteboarding

We have equipment for all conditions, so it does not matter if you have the wrong size kite for the day. You can try different kites/boards as we have twin tips, surfboards, and skim boards. 


Rescue craft to back you up

Because we take safety on the water seriously we have invested in a zodiac boat, so hire from us and know you’re covered.


Beach staff are there to help

Our super friendly beach staff are there to give tips. They can also help you to set up your kites, and launch and land.



  • Experience the latest kitesurfing equipment

  • Get the size kite/board for the conditions

  • Avoid airport baggage fees

  • No kitesurf storage problems

  • Get a multi site deal

  • Get freedom to travel

Complete Kitesurfing Kit

Kite, board, bar, harness.

”just turn up in your boardies and you’re ready to rock”

1 Day      70   euro 

3 Days   195  euro

1 Week  420  euro

Only Kite

Kite, bar + lines hire (change to the kite for wind strength) 

1 Day       60 euro

3 Days    150  euro

1 Week   280 euro

Only Board

Range of twintips, surf and light wind boards 

1 Day       15    euro

1 Week   85    euro

Only Harness

We have all different harness sizes, waist and seat versions for hire

1 Day       10 euro

1 Week   60 euro 

Foil Board 

1 Day        100   euro

1 Week     500   euro

if you break 2016 model kite during rental we charge 300 euro and repair fee.For older kites only repair fee

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